AEP’s primary intent is to own and operate a variety of clean energy facilities across the African continent. Our vision is to significantly Improve the quality of African lives by increasing access to and the use of clean energy.

We aim, inter alia, to be the preferred:

  • Purchaser of near or newly commissioned energy capacity, such as power plants, typically developed and built by energy project developers.
  • Owner, manager and operator of strategic energy facilities, such as gas terminals, which transmit and distribute our own, as well as our customers, energy products.
  • Investment asset for institutions and investors looking for exposure to the clean African, energy, infrastructure and products sector.

AEP seeks to play an increasingly significantly role in advancing clean energy usage across Africa, in a safe, reliable and cost-effective manner. We do this by owning, operating and maintaining a portfolio of clean energy assets including:

  • Specialist fuel storage terminals, specifically around our fuel of choice, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).
  • Pipelines (physical and virtual) that transport primary energy fuels such as LNG.
  • Cogeneration plants generating electricity, heating and chilling energy, as well as mega-watt scale battery energy storage solutions located close to energy consumption points.
  • Electricity only plants generating electricity for utilities and industry.