Our preferred customers

  • Mining companies with high energy requirements in off-grid locations Metals beneficiation smelters
  • Refineries/ Chemical crackers Calcining industries e.g. cement
  • Drying industries e.g. wood, food processors, mining and milling
  • Curing and forming companies e.g. tyre/plastics manufacturers
  • Process boiler companies e.g. food manufacturers, brewers and distillers
  • Processed food companies that produce substantial biological waste
  • Wood, pulp and paper, agricultural processing companies that produce substantial combustible waste
  • Integrated utilities e.g. Eskom and resellers and distributors such as municipalities/regional electricity distributors
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centres
  • Universities, schools, prisons and other dormitory institutions with high energy consumption
  • Office parks with high energy requirements

Our value proposition to